Once You Arrive

At last you're here! Drive through the gate to the unloading area at the Welcome Center, where you will be greeted by a staff member with complete instructions for unloading. Please follow them carefully.

Meet Your Ranger

After unloading, you will meet your ranger, a well-qualified male or female who has a sincere interest in your group and has been trained to help your crew get started on a successful expedition. The ranger's job is to lead you through the Philmont check-in and to accompany you for two days on the trail to review camping and hiking skills.

Philmont Check-In

Before your crew hits the trail, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Tent assignment. You will receive tent assignments at the Welcome Center for your first night at Philmont. Your ranger will show your crew to their assigned tents.
  2. Your adviser picks up the key to the crew locker. You will be taken promptly to the Security Office, where you may reserve a crew locker for safekeeping your belongings. Only your adviser will have the locker key. All unattended gear and clothing must be stowed in your crew locker (maximum two lockers per crew) or vehicle when you hit the trail. Nothing can be left in your tent.
  3. Your adviser meets the registrar. Your contingent leader or adviser will meet the registrar in the Camping Headquarters office to finalize fee payments. A complete roster of participants must be turned in at this time and certificates shown for wilderness first aid and CPR. Philmont requires that at least one person (preferably two) in each crew be currently certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR or the equivalent. A large envelope for storing extra money and valuable papers will be issued here. When you have deposited these items, your adviser will return the envelope to the registrar to store in a safe while you are on the trail.
  4. Your leaders visit Logistic Services. Your adult adviser and crew leader will meet one of the itinerary planners at Logistic Services to finalize arrangements for your program, food pickups, and bus transportation. Your crew leader should bring a Philmont map to mark your route and campsites. You will be given a copy of your selected itinerary as a souvenir of your Philmont adventure.
  5. Your crew photograph. A Philmont photographer will take the picture, and color prints (8-by-10 inches) will be available when you return from the trail. Each person will receive one photo free. The photographer will record the crew order. The BSA uniform or crew uniform is appropriate dress.
  6. Medical recheck. A medical recheck will be given to all crew members. Your ranger will give you the procedures for this required recheck. Participants who do not satisfactorily complete this recheck will be sent home at their expense. Participants must not exceed the maximum weight/height chart. You will need to bring any medication with you to the recheck.
  7. Laundry, trail equipment, trail food issue, mail. Dirty clothing may be washed at Philmont's self-service laundry. One or more crew members should be assigned to bring all the crew's dirty clothes to the laundry. All clothing should be marked with your names in indelible ink, and any loose patches or insignia should be removed to save time and confusion for everyone. Laundry soap and supplies are available from the Tooth of Time Traders or the laundry. Just before leaving the Mabree Services Building, your adviser should pick up your mail. Your first trail food will be issued in this complex as well. The crew leader's copy of your itinerary must be presented to draw your trail food.
  8. Shakedown. In a place designated by your ranger, you will unpack everything. Your ranger will review the necessary items and demonstrate the best methods of packing at Philmont. Store excess items in your crew locker. Please note: After leaving Camping Headquarters, there is NO opportunity to return excess baggage. If you have doubts about taking certain items, discuss them with your ranger.
  9. Your crew reporter visits News and Photo Service. Before departing for Philmont, your crew should select one member to serve as its reporter. The reporter should contact local news media and arrange to have one or two articles about your Philmont expedition published. Philmont's News and Photo Service will furnish helpful hints and other information for news articles to your reporter.
  10. Tour Camping Headquarters—Tooth of Time Traders. As time permits, your ranger can give you a tour of Camping Headquarters. Tours of the Villa Philmonte can be scheduled at the Philmont Museum. Your tour should include a visit to the Tooth of Time Traders, where a complete supply of Scout uniforms and equipment, Philmont items (patches, belts, buckles, wool jackets, maps, etc.), and other souvenirs is available. You will have another opportunity to visit the trading post when you return from the trail.
  11. Headquarters dining hall. In Camping Headquarters, you will eat in the dining hall. The menus are well-balanced and nutritious.
  12. Advisers meeting, crew leaders meeting, chaplain aides meeting. Separate meetings will take place for advisers, crew leaders, and chaplain aides. Topics will include current backcountry conditions as well as tips to improve your expedition.
  13. Religious services. Chaplains of Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, and Latter-day Saints faiths conduct services at Camping Headquarters beginning at 7 p.m. Your crew is encouraged to attend. The Tooth of Time Traders and snack bar will be closed at this time.
  14. Write home, call home. After supper is a good time to write home. Your parents will enjoy hearing from you. Philmont postcards are available at the Tooth of Time Traders. Phones are available in base camp.
  15. Opening campfire. Your first evening campfire at Philmont is a pageant of the Philmont Story, a historic narrative of the Southwest. Your Philmont adventure begins here. Warm clothing is recommended for this and all campfires.
  16. A good night's sleep. Following the campfire, quietly return to your tent for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow you hit the trail!
  17. Security and lost and found. Philmont employs a seasonal staff to help with lost and found, issuing crew lockers, and security. Do not leave valuables in tents; Philmont is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


About Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country.