Day One (1)

Day Two (2)

Day Three (3)

Day Four (4)


Hit the Ice!

Run the Dogs!

Go Home


Day 1

• Arrive between 2:00 and 7:00 PM and meet your Interpreter. You can eat in town prior to arrival, or you can eat supper at the base provided you arrive before 7:00 PM
• Complete Check-In: pay any final fees, turn in BSA Health and Medical Records and discuss the specific trip goals of your crew.
• Get situated in your on-base accommodations and complete a Gear Shakedown
• Attend a “First Night Orientation” – an Interpreter led introduction to Winter Camping
• Get outfitted with group gear and supplemental personal gear.
• Cracker Barrel 9:30PM. The Trading Post will be open – remember, our Trading Post carries some of the items you are required to bring (just in case you forgot).

Day 2

• Wake up early and feed the Dogs breakfast before “Human Breakfast”.
• Breakfast at 7:30 AM in the program center.
• Finish checking out group equipment, personal equipment and food.
• Return to the Dog Yard for dogsledding instruction: this will cover history of dogsledding, types of dog sleds, feeding and care of a dogsledding team, safety rules, dogsledding equipment, harnessing the dogs, training the dogs and running the dogs.
• Pack all gear into sleds and begin the trek out into the BWCAW. Three dogsled teams driven by two participants and the Mushing Interpreter will head out to the campsite to drop off gear before returning to pick up the rest of the crew. The rest of the crew will walk part way to the campsite before being picked up.
Eat lunch, set up camp and take an afternoon ride before dinner.
• Feed the dogs and place them on a gang line for the night.

Day 3 and succeeding days if out more than 2 nights

• Take a Morning and Afternoon dogsled run with the dogs.
• Explore the BWCAW

Day 4


• Wake up early to pack sleds, feed dogs, eat breakfast, harness dog teams and ride back to base.
• Check in crew and personal gear at the Bay Post
• Clean up with a shower and sauna
• Visit the Trading Post
• Lunch and Awards at 12:00 PM
• Head home


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