Day One (1)

Day Two (2)

Day Three (3)


Enjoy your time and your Cabin

Go Home


Day 1

• Arrive between 2:00 and 7:00 PM and meet your Interpreter. You can eat in town prior to arrival, or you can eat supper at the base provided you arrive before 7:00 PM
• Complete Check-In: pay any final fees, turn in BSA Health and Medical Records and discuss the specific trip goals of your crew.
• Get situated in your on-base accommodations and complete a Gear Shakedown
• Attend a “First Night Orientation” – an Interpreter led introduction to Winter Camping
• Get outfitted with group gear and supplemental personal gear.
• Cracker Barrel 9:30PM. The Trading Post will be open – remember, our Trading Post carries some of the items you are required to bring (just in case you forgot).

Day 2

• Breakfast at 7:30 in the Dining Hall
• Enjoy the day: go sledding, hiking, skiing or snowshoeing. Try out ice fishing or snow sculpting. Try to build a snow shelter or explore the snow villages that other OKPIK crews have already created. Visit the Dog Yard to see how dogsledding dogs live. If the weather is particularly cold or wet, indoor activities are also provided – but crews are encouraged to spend as much of the day outside as possible.
Cabin Stay crews will cook all of their own meals. WEBELOS Crews are served both Breakfast and Dinner in the Dining Hall. A cold lunch is provided to eat out on the trail.
WEBELOS eat dinner at 5:30 in the Dining Hall
• At night, tell stories around a winter campfire, explore the stars with a star scope or go for a night hike before going to bed in a heated cabin.

Day 3

• Eat Breakfast
• Check in personal and group gear at the Bay Post
• Clean up with a shower and sauna
• Visit the Trading Post
• Lunch and Awards at 12:00 PM
• Head home


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