Volume 4, Number 9

BSA Licensing Insider

September 2011, Vol. 4, No. 9

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Featured News

Kurt S. Adler Introduces New 2011 BSA Licensed Ornaments

Kurt S. Adler Introduces New 2011 BSA Licensed Ornaments

New ornaments include Cub Scout and Boy Scout figurines as well as Cub Scout and Boy Scout ornaments that can be personalized. Additionally, there is a nostalgic ornament inspired by the timeless Norman Rockwell painting, "Tomorrow's Leader".

The Cub Scout figurine is a 4.25" hand painted resin ornament and the Boy Scout figurine is a 5.25" hand painted figurine. The personalized ornaments are also made of resin with the banner space designated for personalization.

Lastly, the Norman Rockwell derived ornament is 4.75" tall with "Boy Scouts of America®" on the front and "Continuing the Journey 1910 - 2010" on the back.

For more information on Kurt S. Adler, Inc. and where to purchase these ornaments, please visit kurtadler.com.

DecoPac Introduces New Eagle Scout® Edible Cake Design

DecoPac Introduces New Eagle Scout® Edible Cake Design

New edible cake designs by DecoPac include Joseph Csatari's illustration, " Eagle Court of Honor". Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Pinewood Derby® designs are also available.

To locate your nearest bakery that carries BSA edible cake designs, visit www.cakes.com and contact them for PhotoCake availability.

Latest Licensees

The BSA is pleased to announce the following new licensees below. For a complete listing of BSA licensees, please visit the official BSA Licensing website.

Sporting Goods - Anaconda Sports, of Lake Katrine, NY, manufacturer of sporting goods.


BSA Licensee Interview

Interview with Fran Chiavola, Product Development/Licensing Manager for Kurt S. Adler, Inc.

Interview with Fran Chiavola, Product Development/Licensing Manager for Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Licensing Insider: Tell us about Kurt S. Adler's product line?

Fran: Kurt S. Adler, Inc. is the world's leading resource for holiday ornaments and décor. Our line of products and collections includes ornaments, table pieces, stockings, trees, wreaths, lights, advent calendars, candles, decorative boxes, water globes and more, making Kurt S. Adler, Inc. your one-stop-shop for all of your holiday decoration needs.

Licensing Insider: In thinking about the end user of your products, can you describe your typical customer?

Fran: Our typical customer is still one that really appreciates traditional holiday decorations although in the last few years we have been very successful in attracting a younger customer base by developing product that is a little bit edgier and more relevant to today's family.

Traditional or contemporary, our product is still intended to create memories as young families start scrap booking their holiday celebrations and traditions. Our BSA ornaments that can be personalized are perfect examples of how we keepsake our youth and memory of our growing years.

Licensing Insider: Where can a consumer buy your products?

Fran: While Kurt S. Adler is a wholesale company whose customers are retailers, consumers are able to locate local stores that carry our items by visiting www.kurtadler.com and clicking on the "Find a Retailer" link on the homepage. With this function, consumers can enter the type of item or even the exact item number they are looking for, and search within a 100-mile radius from their state or zip code for a complete listing of any found retailers' information.

Licensing Insider: How has the Boy Scouts of America license helped you grow your business?

Fran: We consider BSA an evergreen license. It's not a fad and will not go out of style so there is longevity in the partnership with Kurt Adler and the BSA that will last for many years. The BSA represents a long standing respectable American tradition of teaching our youth responsibility and good values.

Our traditional customer very much appreciates the lessons and team work that a young man (or young woman in the Venturing program) learns through this organization, and will want to represent them and support them by purchasing our product.

Licensing Insider: In your opinion, what is the key to successful innovation in your business and industry?

Fran: While there is so much that goes into the success of Kurt S. Adler, one key to successful innovation in wholesale holiday decorations would be always putting a new twist on traditional holiday items.

Our licensing team is always on top of negotiating new and upcoming properties to add to our current roster of branded products.

Last but not least, Kurt S. Adler is a family owned business whose family members are very much involved in the company daily functions. They are very good at recognizing talent and encouraging all employees to express their ideas and provide input. They of course know a lot about our industry since they are second generation owners and grew up in this business.

Licensing Insider: What new and exciting products do you have in the pipeline that you can share?

Fran: This year our focus will be on recapturing some of the vintage art for interpretation. Also we will be incorporating Pinewood Derby ornaments since we think they will appeal to both current members and alumni.

Licensing Insider: What is the single most important ingredient in Kurt S. Adler's culture that contributes to its overall success?

Fran: Again, I feel like the overall success stems from having the family participate in every aspect of development, business and employee relations. They are very hands-on.

Kurt S. Adler is customer-oriented - our team of sales people has been with us for many years and is dedicated to the success of our company. They will guide you throughout our nine showrooms conveniently located across the country in purchase selection, and take care of our customers in every way. All other teams in the company are equally dedicated to making every Christmas special for all our customers.


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