Volume 2, Number 4

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Remington® Introduces Nostalgic Boy Scouts of America® Collectible Pocketknife Series

The first in a series, this officially licensed 2009 authentic reproduction pocket knife is based on the original 1924 RS3333 Scout pattern and will use the tooling form from the actual Remington factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This uniquely crafted pocketknife will undergo over 115 hand operations and true to its roots, it will be shipped in a hinged cardboard box design much the same as the knife boxes that were produced from 1923 through 1940. To add to the authenticity, each knife includes a poster containing original advertising pieces and articles.

This Boy Scouts of America® Collectible Pocketknife series will feature 440 High Carbon stainless steel blades including a combined bottle opener/flathead screwdriver; can opener; leather punch; and large spey blade with the BSA® vintage logo etched on one side of the blade. The handle is jigged bone with the BSA® acorn shield inlayed.

For more information on this product and where it can be purchased, please visit remington.com.

Remington Introduces Nostalgic Boy Scouts of America Collectible Pocketknife Series

What's New

BSA® Licensed Products Now on TrailStop.com

BSA Licensed Products Now on Trailstop.comTrailstop.com launches a convenient one-stop shopping format for consumers to find an array of BSA licensed products. TrailStop.com, an electronic retail operation, was launched to provide a central point for shoppers looking to find and purchase BSA licensed merchandise.

Current offerings include a wide assortment of books, apparel, crafts & hobbies, drink ware, commemorative coins, and collectable stock patches from existing BSA licensees.

For more information, visit BSA Licensed Products Now on Trailstop.com

PhotoCake® Designs for Scouting® Events by DecoPac

PhotoCake Designs for Scouting Events by DecoPac

BSA Licensee, DecoPac, has created a variety of customized cake-top designs for celebrations honoring Eagle Scouts, Cub Scouts, or Boy Scouts.

These edible cake decorations are available at any Sam's Club bakery nationally, as well as many other bakeries across the country. Additionally, families and troops can supply a photo to the bakery to add to the cake-top, along with unit numbers and names to further personalize the cake.

For more information on DecoPac, please visit decopac.com.

The Survivor Handbook - Essential Skills For Outdoor Adventure licensed by DK Publishing

The Survivor Handbook - Essential Skills For Outdoor Adventure licensed by DK PublishingDK Publishing has introduced an outdoor adventure, safety preparedness and education licensed Venturing® book called, The Survivor Handbook.

With technological advances in almost every aspect of everyday living, there is a large and growing interest in the natural environment and in how individuals would survive without the conveniences of the modern age. The Survivor Handbook shows how to adapt in such circumstances and how to thrive in the wilderness. The book is packed with specially commissioned, direct and clear, step-by-step illustrations for survival techniques, from what to do if one meets a bear in the woods, to preparing meals in extreme conditions, or how to get home by navigating by the stars.

Additionally, there are exciting stories of real life survival - what happened, who survived, and how they did it.

This survivor guide is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other retail outlets. For more information on DK publishing, please visit dk.com.

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