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First quarter 2008 brought in a variety of new licensees in all different product categories. To see a full listing and contact information visit scouting.org/licensing to view authorized BSA suppliers.

For Emblems and Patches

  • Celestial Creations
  • Ideal Embroidered Patch, Inc.
  • The Patch Place
  • Signet Screen Printing


  • Kingwood Laser Graphics

For Apparel

  • Full Press Apparel
  • Graphic FX, Inc.
  • Mid Florida Sportswear, Inc.
  • The Patch Place
  • Red Design, Inc.
  • Saginaw Knitting Mills
  • Signet Screen Printing
  • Silver State Embroidery
  • Standard Rule Promotions

Mugs and Cups

  • Cuppa



DK Publishing Announces B&N CampaignDK Announced Book Store Launch
Use these easy-to-carry, glow-in-the-dark star charts to find your way around the night sky and locate star formations. Each constellation card will show width and depth icons, locator map, star map, constellation figures, and visibility icons indicating naked-eye observation, binoculars, or telescope required. Available at a number of retailers including all major book stores and online at scoutstuff.org and at Amazon.com to name a few. Visit scoutstuff.org or http://us.dk.com for additional information.

Boy Scouts of America® 10th Anniversary Venturing® Commemorative Rifles
Boy Scouts of America® 10th Anniversary Venturing® Commemorative Rifles
In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Venturing, Henry Repeating Arms Company, an Official Licensee of the Boy Scouts of America is pleased to present three Special Edition Commemorative Venturing Rifles. These rifles are produced in limited production runs to commemorate a decade of growth, adventure and service by the Venturing program and to honor its code to treasure, preserve and enrich our American heritage. Visit henryrepeating.com for product and ordering details.

Identity Check PrintersBoy Scouts™ and Cub Scouts® Checks and Checkbook Covers
Identity Check Printers is proud to offer officially-licensed checks, address labels, checkbook covers and Identity Cards, that support Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. Visit identitychecks.com or call toll-free 1-800-874-5910 to order today!

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