Benefits of Licensing

Few trademarks represent core American values like those owned by the Boy Scouts of America. Our values-oriented brand embodies long-standing outdoor traditions, preparedness, ethics, character and leadership in a manner unparalleled by any other American brand.

Every year, new youth enter one of our many programs exposing a new group of individuals and their families to the aims and ideals of the Scouting movement. This ongoing exposure has elevated the Boy Scouts of America trademarks to some of the most recognizable in the world.

Boy Scouts of America trademarks enable you to:

  • Capture the emotional power of one of America‚Äôs premium brands;
  • Give your products the positive equities consumers already associate with the Boy Scouts of America;
  • Connect on a personal level by helping consumers relive one of the most positive experiences of their lives;
  • Link positive sentiments to your products that can generate incremental sales.

Licensing Boy Scouts of America Trademarks can:

  • Give your products credibility and an image of leadership to many consumers;
  • Generate interest and enthusiasm among retailers;
  • Give your products instant consumer awareness and acceptance;
  • Allow you to introduce new products from a position of strength;
  • Increase market share without the significant costs usually required to build brand identity;
  • Provide your products with a higher perceived value and potentially a high profit margin.

Steps to becoming a Boy Scouts of America Licensee

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