Current Strategy

In evaluating new opportunities, the Boy Scouts of America seeks partnerships which:

Increase BSA Awareness in Consumer Markets

In the past few years the BSA’s Official Licensed Products have been sold through Toys R Us, Michael’s, JoAnne’s, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Cabella’s, Kmart, Target, Fred Segal, Kitson’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Through aggressive licensing initiatives, BSA licensed merchandise is becoming more prevalent in consumer markets. The BSA is working diligently to position itself as the premier provider of quality and innovative outdoor apparel and equipment while also gaining “shelf space” for consistent in-home presence and regular use of BSA branded products.

Support Membership Growth 

The BSA is actively seeking ways to bridge the gap for wholesome products and services in the consumer marketplace. By introducing pre-school age boys to scouting values and leveraging activity-based learning and program opportunities with elementary-aged boys, the BSA can help support membership growth. And it doesn’t stop there, through the use of licensed products the BSA can encourage growth and maturation in personal skills, abilities and exposure to core values for middle-school boys and high school boys and girls.

For instance, in working with licensed products the BSA tested response cards which indicated that approximately 60% of the families buying these products were not Scouting families.  These families were introduced to their local councils and hopefully joined the ranks for Scouting. 

BSA Brand and Trademark Protection

BSA Licensing has worked diligently the last several years to protect the BSA trademarks and retrieving their misuse from cyber-squatters and other unscrupulous uses online and in the marketplace.

Protecting the BSA brands and creating stronger controls and programs for licensing, the BSA proprietary marks, words, and phrases will yield positive results for our members, local councils, and the National Council. Many local councils have already established unit and volunteer procedures to ensure compliance with requirements for the use of BSA trademarks.