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Licensees on this list may be authorized for specific channels of distribution, or may be licensed for specific channels or for certain BSA councils only and are not authorized to produce product outside of those channels.

Licensees with graphics beside their name indicate they are a recipient of the BSA Quality Licensee Award. BSA Quality Licensees are those who go above and beyond in providing exceptional product quality, market innovation, and superior customer service. Licensees who meet these requirements are recognized for these achievements.

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Current Licensees

Licensee Name Phone Website Authorized Licensed Products Category
A-B Emblem
2008 Quality Winner 2009 Quality Award 2010 Quality Award
(800) 438-4285 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Lapel & Hat Pins
Absolute Graphics, Inc (877) 490-8914 T-Shirts, Sportswear, Sweatshirts, Caps, Gifts & Novelties Apparel, Accessories, Gifts & Novelties
Accents Image Wear (920) 720-3433 Caps, sport shirts, sweatshirts, tees Accessories, Apparel
Advantage Emblem Inc.
(800) 626-4948 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Screen Printing on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sportswear, Bandannas, Caps Embroidery on T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Vests, Jackets, Neckerchiefs, Lapel pins, Patrol Patches, Signs & Banners, General Advertising Specialties Accessories, Apparel, Gifts and Novelties
Adventure 16, Inc. (619) 283-2362 Nalgene Water Bottles Sporting Goods
Adventure Outfitters (855) 238-3686 Headwear, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, General Advertising Specialties, Jewelry, Embroidered Emblems and Logos Accessories, Apparel, Gifts & Novelties
The Alexon Group, Inc. (818) 575-9380 Silk Screen on Backpacks, Bandanas and Visors
Pad Printing on Water Bottles and Mugs
General Advertising Specialties
Necklaces and Bracelets
All American Card Company (954) 748-4019 Camp Cards Gifts & Novelties
American Backcountry (828) 684-2690 Screen Printing and dye-sublimation on T-shirts Apparel
Artex Group (866) 845-1042 Embroidered Emblems & Patches Accessories
Ashbury Images (415) 885-2742 Shirts Apparel
Associated Premium Corporation (513) 679-4444 General Advertising Specialties, Hats Gifts & Novelties, Accessories
Award Traders, LLC (410) 418-8244 Wood working award/plaque w/arrow Gifts & Novelties
Basehor Awards and Trophies (913) 724-4500 Trophies, Plaques and Awards Gifts & Novelties
Bates Accessories (603) 430-0050 Belts Accessories
Bennett & Associates, Inc. (801) 766-1125 Custom Gifts and Commemorative Coins Gifts & Novelties
Best Glide, Inc. (888) 837-9971 Survival Camping Accessories Kit Camping Equipment
Bison Designs (303) 678-9911 Belts, Carabiners Accessories
Bluegrass Business Forms, Inc. (502) 491-7829 Camp Cards Gifts & Novelties
The Bradford Exchange, Ltd. (847) 581-8535 Toys, Games & Hobbies, Gifts & Novelties, Furniture & Home Furnishings Collectables
Buck Knives (208) 262-0500 Pocketknife Sporting Goods
Knives & Cutlery
BugBand, Inc. (678) 721-9989 Insect Repellents Health & Beauty
C.C. Creations, Ltd. (979) 693-9664 Embroidered Emblems and Logos, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Sportswear, Hats & Caps, Fleece, T-Shirts, Jackets Accessories
Carolina Emblem Company, Inc. (864) 468-4963 Screen Printing on T-shirts and Caps
Embroidery on T-Shirts and Caps
Embroidered Emblems and Patches
Carpenter Screen Printing, Inc. (208) 459-0883 T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Hats & Caps Apparel
2007 Quality Winner 2008 Quality Winner
2009 Quality Award 2010 Quality Award
(800) 851-4020 Screen Printing on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Hats & Caps, Polar Fleece, Blankets
Embroidery on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Hats & Caps, Polar Fleece, Blankets, Vinyl Troop Trailer Graphics
Colorado Printing Company (970) 683-7823 Commercial Printing Printing & Publishing
Commemorative Brands (Artcarved) (800) 952-7002 Class Rings Accessories
Corporate Identity, Inc. (304) 776-0051 T-shirts Apparel
Crazy Creek Chairs (800) 331-0304 Screen Printing on outdoor chairs Sporting Goods
Creative Outdoor Distributor (212) 913-9706 Six Person Bench, Chairs, Collapsible Cooler, Portable Serving Station, Stools, Wagons Sporting Goods
Crown Awards (800) 227-1557 Trophy's, Plaques, Medals, Awards and Gifts Accessories
Cyberhorse Sportswear (714) 470-1121 Performance Tees and Cycling Jerseys Apparel
Dunraven Enterprises (719) 683-9548 Belts, Buckles, and Belt Keepers Accessories
Eastern Emblem Manufacturing Corporation (201) 867-3159 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Lapel & Hat Pins
Embroidery on Neckerchiefs
Emblem Enterprises, Inc. (818) 716-6411 Embroidered Emblems & Patches Accessories
Embroidery House (616) 669-6400 Embroidered Emblems, T-Shirts, General Advertising Specialties Accessories, Apparel, General Advertising Specialties
ESM Enterprises, Inc. (716) 631-7600 General Advertising Specialties, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Fleece, Polos, Neckerchiefs Gifts & Novelties, Apparel, Accessories
Gear Up Apparel (631) 750-1558 Sweatshirts, Backpacks, Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Hats & Caps Accessories, Apparel
General Commercial Corp. (888) 351-8000 General Advertising Specialties (Premium items for Prize Programs Gifts & Novelties
Hand-Done T-Shirts, Inc. (218) 365-5599 Screen Print on Bandanas and T-Shirts
Embroidery on Caps, Jackets, Jerseys and Sweatshirts
Help R Youth Fundraising (214) 830-1998 Camp Cards Gifts & Novelties
Henry Repeating Arms (201) 858-4400 Rifles Sporting Goods
Herff-Jones (800) 837-4235 Class Rings Accessories
Hike America (800) 880-4453 Hiking Staff Medallions Apparel
Gifts & Novelties
IC Group (303) 893-0194 Screen Printing on Sportswear & Apparel
Embroidery on Sportswear & Apparel
General Advertising Specialties
Ideal Embroidered Patch, Inc. (561) 371-5801 Embroidered Patches & Emblems
Lapel & Hat Pins
Image Group Ink (formerly Scout Printing) (803) 531-8920
Commercial Printing: School Night Flyers, Yard Signs, Posters, Postcards, Stickers, Note Cards, Greeting Cards, Recruitment Brochures, FOS Brochures, Camp Brochures, Annual Reports, Newsletters, Stationary, Envelopes, Camp Cards Printing & Publishing
Incentives Plus (801) 563-5872 Embroidered Emblems & Logos, Lapel & Hat Pins
It Takes Two (800) 331-9843 Scrapbooking materials and papers, Bookmarks, Magnets, Stickers Stationery & Paper Goods
Gifts & Novelties
James Gordon Designs LLC (585) 754-8653 Belt Buckles Accessories
J. Patton, Inc. (770) 612-0400 Holographic stickers and hang tags Non-Retail
JanSport, Inc. (920) 734-5708 Screen Print and Embroidery on Fleece, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Daypacks, Luggage Apparel
Jennick Associates (973) 728-9468 Acrylic blankets, both custom and stock Furniture and Home Furnishings
Jostens (952) 830-3300 Class Rings Accessories
Joycrest, Inc. (800) 527-2824 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Lapel & Hat Pins
Screen Printing on T-Shirts
Embroidery on Caps & Hats, Neckerchiefs, Fleece, Polos, Sportswear & T-Shirts
Kalos,Inc. (785) 232-3606 General Advertising Specialties, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Apparel, Gifts and Novelties
Kingwood Laser Graphics (F. E. Welling)
2009 Quality Award
(281) 359-0953 Laser Engraved logo box, coaster tiles, wood frames, key fobs, plaques and hang tags Furniture & Home Furnishings
Krelman Company, LLC
(800) 231-9556 Embroidered Emblems & Logos, and Pins Accessories, Gifts & Novelties
Kurt S. Adler (212) 924-0900 Christmas Ornaments Gifts & Novelties
Liberty Mountain Sports (800-366-2666) Water Bottles Sporting Goods
Lionel, LLC (646) 747-4661 Collectable Train & Boxcar Toy, Games & Hobbies
Lodge Manufacturing Co. (423) 837-7181 Cast Iron cookware Sporting Goods
Matrix Promotion & Apparel (925) 906-9915 T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets , & Promotional Products Apparel
Gifts & Novelties
Medline Industries, Inc. (800) MEDLINE First Aid Kits Health & Beauty
Mid Florida Sportswear, Inc. (800) 365-5632 Embroidery on Hats & Caps, Fleece, and Sportshirts
Screen Printing on Sweatshirts and T-shirts
The Moritz Embroidery Works, Inc. (800) 533-4183 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Lapel & Hat Pins, Screen Printing on T-Shirts, Embroidery on Caps & Hats, Neckerchiefs, Fleece, Polo’s, Sportswear & T-Shirts Neckerchief Slides, Bolo Ties, & Car Magnets General Advertising Specialties
Ms Sticks (678) 777-4333 Walking Sticks Sporting Goods
N.I.K. Printing & Design (570) 573-0108 General Advertising Specialties, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Polos Gifts & Novelties, Apparel
Northwest Territorial Mint (800) 843-9854 Collectible and Commemorative Coins, Pocket Knives, Medals, Hiking Stick Medallions, and Lapel Buttons Gifts & Novelties
Olympia Granola, Inc. (651) 674-3773 Granola Bars, Cereal (bulk) & Snack Foods Food & Beverage
One Step, Inc. (630) 429-1143 Camp Cards and Recruiting Materials Gifts & Novelties, Publishing
Opportunity Center Easter Seals (256) 820-9960 T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Signs & Banners Apparel, Gifts & Novelties, Signs
Ouray Sportswear, LLC (303) 789-4035 T-Shirts & Caps Apparel
Paper House Productions, Inc. (845) 246-7261 Scrapbook Supplies Stationery & Paper Goods
Patriot Signs (859) 655-9009 Yard Signs with steel frames: Poly bag, Corrugated plastic, Coated cardboard Banners & Signs
Pem America (212) 481-2141 backpacks, blankets, canopies, sleeping bags, tents Furniture & Home Furnishings and Sporting Goods
Pine State Marketing (336) 789-9437 Hats and caps, Polos, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Sweatpants, General Advertising Specialties Accessories, Apparel, Gifts & Novelties
Plasticard-Locktech International, LLP (828) 418-8291 Camp Cards Gifts & Novelties
Portraits Now (407) 656-5892 Hats & Caps, T-Shirts, General Advertising Specialties Accessories, Apparel, Gifts & Novelties
Precision Graphics (480) 967-7015 T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hats & caps, jackets, vests Accessories, Apparel
Premier Emblem (800) 823-4774 Custom Emblems Accessories
Product Architects (303) 440-3058 Water Bottles Sporting Goods
Raven & Associates Inc. (218) 740-3017 Embroidered Emblems & Patches
Screen Printing on T-Shirts & Misc Apparel
Embroidery on T-Shirts & Misc Apparel
Belt Buckles
General Advertising Specialties
Red River Trophy & Engraving (903) 463-4018 Trophies
Vinyl Signs/Banner
Miscellaneous Retail
2010 Quality Award
(847) 758-3200 Craft Activity Kits, Model Car Kits Toys & Games
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation (800) 301-8255 Model Kits and Accessories Miscellaneous Retail
Rydin Decal (800) 448-1991 Decals, Parking Permits, Custom Event Tickets Printing
Saginaw Knitting Mills, Inc. (989) 695-2481 T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts/Sweatpants, Jackets, Hats, General Advertising Specialties Apparel, Accessories, and Gifts & Novelties
Sarge Knives International (800) 454-7448 Pocketknives Sporting Goods
SaveAround, Inc. (607) 584-9256 Camp Cards Gifts & Novelties
SCORE Sports (800) 626-7774 Jerseys Apparel
Screen Images (505) 344-8534 Sportswear, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, T-Shirts Apparel
SG Trading Post (formerly Scout Graphics) (800) 338-2258 Embroidered Emblems & Patches
Ceramic Mugs
Screen Printing on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Hat & Caps, Polar Fleece
Embroidery on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Hat & Caps, Polar Fleece
Shelby Patch Company, LLC (586) 781-4778 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Hat and Lapel Pins
Award Ribbons
Embroidery on T-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, fleeces, baseball caps, neckerchiefs
Signet Screen Printing (540) 662-9651 Screen Print on Apparel
Embroidery on Apparel
General Advertising Specialties
Embroidered Emblems & Patches
Spectrum Marketing Companies (603) 627-0042 Yard Signs Publishing
Spiders Promotions, LLC
(304) 877-6946 T-shirts, Cinch Pacs, Hats, Drink Holder Apparel, Accessories, Housewares
Stadri Emblems Inc. (845) 679-6600 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Lapel and Hat Pins
Embroidery on Neckerchiefs
Pins, Tie Slides, Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, Emblematic Jewelry, Neckerchief Slides
Standard Rule Promotions (618) 416-7539 T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants,
Performance T-shirts, General Advertising Specialties
Apparel, Moisture-wicking, Gifts & Novelties, General Advertising Specialties
STAT Promo Solutions (954) 748-4019 Embroidery on Hats & Caps, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Camp Cards
Screen Printing on T-shirts
General Advertising Specialties
Sunshine Emblem and Decal, Inc.
2009 Quality Award 2010 Quality Award
(888) 467-2824 Emblems and Patches, Hat & Lapel Pins, Neckerchiefs, Ribbons, Decals, Mugs, Jackets, Vests, T-Shirts, Gifts & Novelties Accessories, Gifts & Novelties, General Advertising Specialties, Apparel
SymbolArts (801) 476-6000 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, Hat & Lapel Pins
Collectable and Commemorative Coins and Medallions
Target Creative Group (954) 473-2016 Embroidered Emblems & Patches, T-shirts, Sportswear, Neckerchiefs, Medals, Figurines, Prints, Commemorative Coins, Lapel and Hats Pins Accessories, Apparel, Gifts and Novelties
Tayco Screen Printing (719) 634-4622 Hats & Caps, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, T-Shirts Accessories, Apparel
Trailstop (813) 788-7026 Web Portal Online licensee store
United Priority Distributors (559) 561-1031 Cremation Urns Non-Retail
Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. (203) 944-2303 Pocket Knives and Multi-purpose Tool Sporting Goods
Vitabri Canopies (714) 842-7500 Pop Up Event Tents, Promotional Event Flags, Event Table Covers Sporting Goods, Gifts & Novelties
W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company (800) 821-1924 Pocket knives Sporting Goods
Wayne Carver Woodworking (815) 397-2580 Collectibles, Knives & Cutlery, Board Games , Magnets, Pens, Christmas Decorations & Ornaments, Key Chains Gifts & Novelties
Sporting Goods
Toys, Games & Hobbies
Youth Marketing Strategies (801) 876-2900 Emblems, Hats & Caps, Fleece, Polos, T-Shirts, Neckerchiefs, Neckerchief Slides, Banners Apparel
Zone West (888) 912-7378 Embroidered Emblems & Logos, Neckerchiefs & Scarves, Banners, General Advertising Specialties, Lapel & Hat Pins Accessories, Gifts & Novelties, Inc. (650) 853-0100* Custom Postage Stamps & Mouse Pads Miscellaneous Retail