Strategic Performance Office

Mission Statement:

Enterprise-wide partner in improving performance.

Vision Statement

Conduct organization-wide evaluation.

Below you will find a list of services offered by the Strategic Performance Office. Click on a service or contact to find additional information, resources, support documents, and templates that will assist you on your Journey to Excellence.




Journey to Excellence

Requirements, FAQs, support documents, webinars, PowerPoint slides, and service project information.

Jeff Rand:

Vivian Skinner:

Council Resources

Resources for all facets of council operations from board recruiting and orientation to job profiles and resolutions.

Stan Willey:

District Resources

Resources to answer questions on all facets of district operations.

Stan Willey:

Board Resources

Resources for adding new board members, upgrading the board, and board retreats.

Stan Willey:

Council Assessments

Business Practice Assessment, 10 Steps, Administrative Reviews, 360 Reviews, All Markets Assessment, Financially Sustainable Council Assessment, and Governance Assessments.

Anthony Gibbs:

Jeff Rand:

Carol Whitebook:

Best Practices

Great ideas collected from around the country during Best Practices assessments covering all four functions of the BSA.

Dick Schmidt:

Council Mergers

Information and resources needed when councils go into a merger agreement situation.

Stan Willey:

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Recommend reviewing documents every two years and updating documents every three to five years.
Contact Stan Willey for documents.

Stan Willey:

Fiscal Management Support

Council Fiscal Management provides councils with resources and support in the areas of accounting, governance, and good stewardship through on-site support, training courses, sharing of best practices, and resources for non-profit accounting.

Sherry McFall:

Ricky Loudin: