Membership Recruitment

Be A Scout

Council Administrators PowerPoint and recorded training
This presentation has been created to inform Council Administrators and local council employees on how the BeAScout application and the process of accepting a new applicant works. This presentation comes recorded and in PowerPoint form.


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Unit leader PowerPoint and recorded training
This PowerPoint and recorded training were created to support unit leaders on how BeAScout works, along with the approval process of new applicants. This training has been recorded along with a PowerPoint presentation that can be used at council and district training events.


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Registrar PowerPoint training recorded copy coming soon
This PowerPoint and recorded training have been created to assist council registrars in the process of registering a new Scouting family once the approval has been completed by the Scout unit. The PowerPoint can be downloaded and saved by the registrar with notes for future reference.


BeAScout Frequently Asked Questions

BeAScout PowerPoint Presentation: Giving Access To Youth Serving Executives (Council Administration Version)

BeAScout PowerPoint Presentation: Parent Search for Units

BeAScout PowerPoint Presentation: How To Set Up A Unit Pin For Volunteers

BeAScout PowerPoint Presentation: Manage Leads and Unit Pin in Excel

Populate Your Pin Checklist

Populate Your Pin - Backdating List for Local Councils

BeAScout Artwork
Download the BeAScout artwork to encourage unit leaders to update their unit pin profiles.

Marketing Video
A promotion from Marty Walsh, director of Membership Impact and Michael Ramsey, manager of Marketing Communications and Brand Management. To download the video for sharing with unit leaders at roundtables, program kickoff, and membership kickoff meetings, right-click on the link above and select "Save Target As."

Cub Scout

Cub Scout Parent Information Guide, 521-259. Download English | Download Spanish
Tells a parent what a Cub Scout pack is, how it is organized, and how the parent can help.

Cub Scouts Parent Orientation Download English | View the Video | Download Spanish

Cub Scout is Year-Round Excitement Flier

Cub Scouting is Year-Round Excitement - Come Join the Fun poster (523-008)

Cub Scouting... Time Well Spent,No. 02-453 Download English (02-1073) | Download English (02-1074) | Download English (02-342) | Download Spanish
This Spanish brochure highlights the benefits parents and boys experience in Cub Scouting.

Get A Blue Suit - View the Video

I Wanna Be A Webelos - View the Video

Recruiting Ideas Flier

Boy Scout

[Boy] Scouting is Year-Round Fun Flier

Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting, 523-748. Download English
Shares the steps on recruiting for the troop in a year-round process.
Spanish edition, No. 521-037 Download Spanish

Boy Scouting Time Well Spent Download English

Troop Open House, 521-706.Download English Version | View the video | Download Spanish Version
Tells how to set up and run an open house for the troop, including specific guide steps toward recruiting and retaining Boy Scouts.

Troop Resource Survey


Venturing Recruitment Toolkit
Recruitment is a process that should be reevaluated each year as the crew learns and develops. It's just as important to retain existing crew members as it is to grow the crew. Use these tools to assist with recruiting more teens to your crew or reconnect with former members who have become inactive or lost interest. Encourage and invite them to reconnect with and engage in the crew. Sometimes all it takes is that personal outreach or invitation to draw them in.

Crew Organizational Chart, 521-044. Download English | Download Spanish
Lays out the flow chart of a Venturing crew; includes a letter of invitation to potential leaders and a meeting agenda for the new committee.

Ready to Rock & Roll, 520-195.Download Spanish
Is a bilingual recruitment piece geared toward young adults.

Venturing, Time Well Spent, 521-035. Download English Download Spanish
Shares findings from a Louis Harris & Associates research study titled "A Year in the Life of a Venturer." It is a useful sales
piece for potential chartered organizations and parents, and a marketing tool for the general public.

Recruitment Flier, 523-485. Download English

General Support

Aims & Methods of Scouting, 523-042. Download Spanish
Describes the pillars of the Boy Scout program.

Chinese Aims and Methods recruiting flier (523-037)

Diversión Para La Familia, No. 30131 Download Spanish
This is the Spanish translation of Fun For The Family (No. 33012) and it is filled with various family activities to allow for a well-balanced approach to building character traits and strengthening family relationships.

English and Korean recruiting flier (523-160)

English and Chinese recruiting flier (523-161)

English and Vietnamese recruiting flier

Hispanic Initiatives - Make the Difference (sleeve) English only

Hispanic Intiatives - Make the Difference English only

Hispanic Initiatives Video (English) (Spanish)

Join the Adventure! Join Scouting!, No. 94-099 Download Spanish
This bilingual brochure offers parents a closer look at the exciting elements of the Scouting program.

What is the Lone Scout Plan?

Membership Inventory

More than ever American families need Cub Scouting (13-077)

Multicultural podcast

National Recruitment Campaign

Patrol Plus (520-821)

Scouting is No. 1 Values Program for Youth in Arabic/English

Scouting: It Works for Your Youth, No. 94-098 Download Spanish
This bilingual brochure explains to prospective Scouting parents, volunteers, and community organizations how Scouting's programs develop character in youth.

Scouting: It's Worth the Effort!, No. 94-104 Download Spanish
This ad is designed to promote Scouting in the Hispanic community, with special emphasis on family values.

Scouting! It's Worth the Effort (bilingual poster), No. 94-110
This poster is designed to promote Scouting in the Hispanic community, with special emphasis in family values.

Scouting Participation Questionnaire

What Will Your Son's Future Hold?, No. 521-789* Download English (02-1084) | Download English (02-1085) | Download English (02-1086) | Download Spanish
This flyer explains how Boy Scouts of America works to provide a more promising future to your son.

Words of Wisdom from the Hispanic Initiatives Committee English only

Your Son—A Great Treasure, No. 94-018 Download Spanish
This excellent bilingual promotional piece shows Scouting's involvement in the Hispanic American community. Can be used with families and potential chartered organizations.