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Scouting Community provides a safe environment for Scouts over the age of 13, Volunteers and Scouting Professionals to discuss Scouting topics and learn more about how to be a better Scout and Scouter.

To join the BSA’s new social network, You must have a MyScouting account, be at least 13 years old and have a paid membership with a valid Boy Scout Member ID.

If you don't have a MyScouting account, go to MyScouting to create one. Enter information including your member ID and submit your account details. Wait for a reply e-mail to activate your account.

If you've already setup a MyScouting account:

  1. Log into MyScouting and select Scouting Community.
  2. This is your private profile; toggle between it and your public profile. Edit your public profile with information you’d like to share. Select an avatar or image to represent you.
  3. Make friends. Go to the Members page and find someone. Go to their page and select the Add to Friends link.
  4. Check out the Forums. Start reading the forum posts. Familiarize yourself with how forums are organized.
  5. Join a Group. Go to the Groups page and find a group that interests you. If it’s public, you can join. If it’s public by invitation, you can request to join.
  6. Give yourself a full week to check out all the features of the site. Make forum posts to ask questions and learn more.



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About Scouting Community

With Scouting Community, you can blog, join a discussion forum, send e-mail to friends, listen to podcasts, view videos, and generally communicate with people about Scouting. This community is a safe environment for members and leaders of Scouting to interact and share best practices for all things Scouting.