BSA Comments on the Release of the
Ineligible Volunteer Files

The Boy Scouts of America believes that one instance of abuse is far too many. We regret there have been times when, despite the BSA's best efforts to protect children, Scouts were abused, and for that we are very sorry and extend our deepest sympathies to victims.

Today, numerous independent experts have recognized that the education and training programs protecting Scouts are among the best in the youth-serving community. We have always cooperated fully with law enforcement, and now require our members to report even suspicion of abuse directly to local law enforcement. Recent media reports looked at a subset of the BSA's Ineligible Volunteer Files from approximately 40 years ago, when the BSA served approximately 5 million young people each year.

In the more than 100 years that the BSA has served youth, society has learned about this important issue. The BSA has continuously enhanced its multi-tiered policies and procedures, which now include background checks, comprehensive training programs, and safety policies.