Statement of purpose
With specific attention paid to the key BSA guiding principle of providing every eligible youth an opportunity to be involved in a quality Scouting experience, the BSA Motorsports platform has been designed to be a programmatic resource that serves as a customizable extension to existing council activities. As such, we will strive to build relationships with visionary organizations and sponsors that work to educate, inspire, and invest in the continued development of our youths, particularly in the areas of science and technology.

In doing so, our goal is to provide local councils the opportunity to increase their capacity in the areas of money, manpower, and marketing by facilitating strategically exclusive access to venues, drivers, and teams in the highly visible sport of NASCAR racing.

NASCAR program overview
By utilizing the excitement and high-tech nature of NASCAR race cars as a platform to promote science, technology, and math to those involved in Scouting, this multiyear program will be foundational to reaching America’s youths in 2015 and beyond. Through this exposure, our goal is to increase youth interest in the concepts of engineering and math in ways that are fun and relevant to them.

Local Boy Scout members and volunteers will participate in exciting activities at the track and have other unique opportunities at all races. Scott Lagasse Racing will be appearing at Scouting events around the country throughout the racing season.

The BSA Motorsports experience
This platform has been created to extend the BSA brand nationally in new and exciting ways, and bring direct value to councils by supporting their efforts in:

  • Membership growth and retention
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Fund-raising
  • Marketing

Some of the tactics used to accomplish this are, but not limited to:
Membership growth and retention

  • Kiosks at the tracks with local troop support manning the booths( when permitted)
  • Having the driver make in-market appearances during racing events
  • Scout day at the tracks
  • Prerace ceremony involvement


  • Donor cultivation through entertainment and exclusive access at the races
  • Merchandising


  • Local PR support by units and councils
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Alumni reconnection strategies
  • PSAs, announcements, and marketing materials at the tracks
  • Possible inclusion/mention of the BSA through ABC and ESPN TV broadcasts

The Scouting experience bottom line
To provide scouts with a unique experience that they will treasure for a lifetime and to allow them to gain access to drivers, team members, and the science of racing that is only available through their membership in The Boy Scouts of America.