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Legal name and address:

The National Boy Scouts of America Foundation
1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Texas 75015-2079
Phone: 972-580-2219


Donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, bequests, and other types of major gifts for Scouting:

Stacy Huff, director,

Colin French, director of administration and legal services,

Lisa Anderson, administrative assistant,

Claiborne Gayden, major gifts director,

Drew Glassford, major gifts director,

Sonya Greene, major gifts director,

Victor Korelstein, major gifts director,

Carlo Laurore, major gifts director,

James Owens, major gifts director,

Chris Redo, major gifts director,

Karl Salathe, major gifts director,

Diane Smith, donor relations administrator,

Julie Strum, research and communications specialist,

Scott Wolterink, major gifts director, 

Non–Gift Contacts:

Other inquiries not addressed below:, or the BSA National Council operator at 972-580-2000.

Boys' Life and Scouting magazine issues: 

Existing merit badge issues:

New merit badge ideas and process:

NESA, Scouting Alumni Association:

Online training and registration, website issues:

Popcorn issues and unit fundraising questions:

Members of the media seeking public relations contacts (non-media questions will not be answered):

Youth Protection concerns:

Uniform issues, national awards, Boy Scout and Cub Scout program questions:

Foundation Governance:

Eight Board of Directors, 36 Foundation Advisory Committee members (Eight Scout executives and four regional endowment chairmen also serve as ex officio committee members.)

Corporate trustee and investment manager:

State Street Global Advisors, Boston, Massachusetts

Legal status:

District of Columbia nonprofit corporation, with principal place of business in Irving, Texas.

Date incorporated:

The National BSA Foundation was originally recognized as a tax exempt supporting organization of the Boy Scouts of America in February 1997. The IRS approved its conversion to a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) under a letter of determination dated March 19, 2007.

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Just as Scouting has served as the foundation for so many people who seek traditional family values, training in ethical decision-making, and moral responsibility, we stand prepared to serve as the foundation for Scouting's financial future--coast to coast and nation to nation. Find out more about it today.