The Scouting Alumni Association has a critical mission:

  • In 2010, the BSA adopted a five-year strategic plan to launch the next 100 years of Scouting. That plan emphasized building and expanding the relationship with alumni with the understanding that a strong alumni program would result in stronger Scouting. The SAA was formed to meet that goal, as well as engage, inform, and assist its affiliates (you!). If you agree that this mission is worth supporting, we invite you to join the SAA!
  • Stay connected—it’s worth it! There is so much happening in Scouting, and we don’t want you to miss out. You will enjoy learning about new Eagle Scouts, hearing talks delivered by famous Scouting alumni, or visiting our new high-adventure base, the Summit. The SAA will keep you connected with all things Scouting!

SAA affiliates enjoy great benefits:

  • Benefits are tailored to Scouting alums’ wants and needs. In addition, Scouters may request to register their businesses and offer discounts to Scouting Alumni Association affiliates. It’s a win/win!

You matter:

  • The Scouting Alumni Association supports local Scouting by giving $30 of your $35 affiliate fee directly to Scouting. Scouting produces the next generation of our country’s leaders. You can always feel good about the positive effects your affiliation in the Scouting Alumni Association has on the youth of today.


About the Alumni Association

The Scouting Alumni Association is for everyone who has been positively impacted by the BSA—family members of Scouts (past and present), volunteers, Scouters, and community leaders.

The SAA makes America stronger. It serves every Scouting alum—but it is our loyal and supportive Hikers and Pathfinders who make programs and services possible for America’s youth.

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